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Chicago P.D. is an American police procedural television series,
created by Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead.

It has 3 sister-shows: Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and the short-lived series
Chicago Justice.
The series premiered January 8, 2014 on NBC.

Chicago P.D. Main Characters:


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Featured Videos

Chicago PD 5x08 Promo "Politics" (HD)00:16

Chicago PD 5x08 Promo "Politics" (HD)

Chicago PD 5x07 Promo "Care Under Fire" (HD)00:16

Chicago PD 5x07 Promo "Care Under Fire" (HD)

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Season 5 Promotional Photos

Season 5 Trailer

Chicago PD - Season 5 Look Ahead (Promo) 5x0100:26

Chicago PD - Season 5 Look Ahead (Promo) 5x01

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