Eva Dawson is the daughter of Detective Antonio Dawson. She is 13 at the start of Season 1. Her brother Is Diego Dawson, mother Laura and aunt Gabriela.

Season 2

In Season 2 episode 4 "Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw" Eva shows up at the district unannounced. Antonio is angry that his daughter took the train by herself without telling either of her parents. Eventually, Antonio finds out that his daughter did this so she could see her father. After hearing them arguing she was worried she would never see him again. Antonio comforts her by telling her "You, me and Diego, are a knot that will never come undone."

Season 3

In the Season 3 episode 11 "Knocked the Family Right Out" Antonio mentions the victim being the same age as his daughter (Eva) fourteen.

Season 4

In Season 4 Episode 7 "300,000 likes" Antonio mentions that Eva can't take Diego to a track meet because of SAT prep class.

Portrayed by Maya Moravec

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