Gabriela Casey
Full Name Gabriela Dawson Casey
Alias Gabby, Dawson
Status Alive
Affiliation Chicago Fire Department, Firehouse 51
Occupation EMT/Paramedic

Firefighter (former)

Rank Firefighter


Relationships Antonio Dawson (Brother)
Laura Dawson (ex Sister-in-law)
Diego Dawson (Nephew)
Eva Dawson (Niece)
Matthew Casey (Husband)
Sylvie Brett (bestfriend)
Miscarried Child (With Matthew Casey)
Louie Thompson (Former Foster Son)
Season Debut 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Portrayed by Monica Raymund

Gabriela Casey (neé Dawson) is a Firefighter on Truck 81 stationed at Firehouse 51. She is Detective Antonio Dawson's sister. Gabriela is portrayed by Monica Raymund. Gabriela is married to firefighter Matthew Casey.


Gabriela is very devoted to her brother Antonio and his family. When Diego is kidnapped, she accompanies Antonio's wife and daughter to the Intelligence office.

She is also seen a few times as an emergency responder at the scene of a shooting or violence. One example would be when Antonio's partner Detective Julie "Jules" Willhite is shot.

Gabriela had a short-lived relationship with Detective Jay Halstead while he was working as a double agent against a ruthless stake owner of Molly's. The relationship ended when Halstead expressed his desire to join Intelligence.

She is involved in an arson case in 2x13. After her close friend and paramedic Leslie Shay is killed, she asks Antonio to help her by catching the arsonist, who is also accused of killing Peter Mills father. Intelligence takes on the case.

During season 4 Gabriela decides to adopt a boy that has been in and out of the foster care system Louie thompson. She ends up having full custody of him at the end of season 4 where Matthew Casey comes home from a business meeting.

In season 5 Matthew Casey & Gabriela Dawson are living together and living as a happy family with Louie, but things change once Louie Father found out he has a son and wants Full custody, they end up letting Louie go with his biological Father.

She is married currently to Matthew Casey.

Gabriela Dawson is portrayed by Monica Raymund.