Greg Gerwitz
Mouse 2
Full Name Greg Gerwitz
Alias Mouse
Status Alive
Affiliation Chicago Police Department
Occupation Civilian Tech and Surveillance (Intelligence Unit) (former)
Expert Army Ranger (re-enlisted)
Rank Civilian Contractor
Portrayed by Samuel Hunt

Greg "Mouse" Gerwitz, served alongside Intelligence Detective Jay Halstead with the Army Rangers. After a brief stint as a CI of Halstead's, Mouse joins the Intelligence unit as a civilian tech and surveillance expert, filling in the position left after Jin died.

In Season 3, He is held hostage by Jeff Frazier in order to find the location of his daughter.


In Season 4 he leaves the unit and returns to Army Rangers.


  • In Season 4 episode 2 he stated his age to be 31. Putting his year of birth around 1985.

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