"Stepping Stones"300,000 Likes8:30 PM
A Beautiful FriendshipA Dark DayA Dead Kid, a Notebook and a Lot of Maybes
A Little Devil ComplexA Material WitnessA Night Owl
A Shot Heard Around the WorldA War ZoneAbby McSweeney
Actual Physical ViolenceAdam RuzekAll Cylinders Firing
Amy MortonAn Honest WomanAntonio Dawson
April SextonArchie KaoAssignment of the Year
At Least It's JusticeBarbara "Bunny" FletcherBig Friends, Big Enemies
Born Into Bad NewsBrian GeraghtyBrian Tee
Brian ZvonecekCall it MacaroniCalled in Dead
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Charlie BarnettChicago P.D.Chicago PD
Chicago PD WikiChicago Police DepartmentChicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw
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Debts of the PastDetective Alvin OlinskyDetective Jay Halstead
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Don't Bury This CaseDon't Read the NewsDora Madison
Dr. Greg YatesEamonn WalkerElias Koteas
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Ethan ChoiEva DawsonForget My Name
Fork in the RoadForty-Caliber Bread CrumbGabriela Dawson
Get Back to EvenGet My CigarettesGreg Gerwitz
Hailey UptonHank VoightHarold Capp
Hit MeIce-TIf We Were Normal
In A Duffel BagJason BegheJesse Lee Soffer
Jesse SpencerJimmy BorrelliJoe Cruz
Joe MinosoJon SedaJulie Willhite
JusticeJustin VoightKILOD
Kara KillmerKasual with a KKelly Severide
Kevin AtwaterKim BurgessKnocked The Family Right Out
LaRoyce HawkinsLast Minute ResistanceLaura Dawson
Lauren GermanLeslie ShayLife is Fluid
Little Bit of LightLooking Out For StatevilleMade a Wrong Turn
Marina SquerciatiMariska HargitayMarkie Post
Marlyne BarrettMatt OlmsteadMatthew Casey
Melissa SagemillerMichelle SovanaMonica Raymund
My WayNadia DecotisNatalie Manning
Natural Born StorytellerNever Forget I Love YouNick Gehlfuss
Nicole SilverNow I'm GodNow Is Always Temporary
Oliver PlattPatrick FluegerPeter Mills
Prison BallPush The Pain AwayRachel DiPillo
Randy FlaglerRandy McHollandReform
Samuel HuntSarah ReeseSay Her Real Name
Sean RomanSeason 1Season 2
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She's Got UsSheldon JinShouldn't Have Been Alone
Some FriendSophia BushStart Digging
Stella MaeveStepping StoneSteven R. McQueen
Sylvie BrettTaylor KinneyTeddy Courtney
The Cases that Need to be SolvedThe DocksThe Number of Rats
The Price We PayThe SilosThe Song of Gregory Williams Yates
The Three GsThe Weigh StationThere's My Girl
They'll Have to Go Through MeThirty BalloonsTorrey DeVitto
Tracy SpiridakosTrudy PlattTurn the Light Off
Wallace BodenWe Don't Work Together AnymoreWhat Do You Do
What Puts You On That LedgeWill HalsteadWrong Side of the Bars
Yaya DaCostaYou Never Know Who's WhoYuri Sardarov
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File:2.jpgFile:2013 1205 ChicagoPD Bio ArchieKao 500x500 AC.jpgFile:2013 1205 ChicagoPD Bio EliasKoteas 500x500 AC.jpg
File:2013 1205 ChicagoPD Bio JasonBeghe 500x500 AC.jpgFile:2013 1205 ChicagoPD Bio JesseLee 500x500 AC.jpgFile:2013 1205 ChicagoPD Bio LaRoyceHawkins 500x500 AC.jpg
File:2013 1205 ChicagoPD Bio MarinaSquerciati 500x500 AC.jpgFile:2013 1205 ChicagoPD Bio PatrickFlueger 500x500 AC.jpgFile:2013 1205 ChicagoPD Bio SophiaBush 500x500 AC.jpg
File:2015 Chicago Fire S4 Bio KaraKillmer 1230x1230 CC.jpgFile:2 1.JPGFile:2 2.JPG
File:2 3.JPGFile:2 4.JPGFile:3 1.JPG
File:3 2.JPGFile:3 3.JPGFile:3 4.JPG
File:3 5.JPGFile:4.jpgFile:4 1.JPG
File:4 2.JPGFile:4 3.JPGFile:4 4.JPG
File:5.jpgFile:5 1.JPGFile:5 2.JPG
File:5 3.JPGFile:5 4.JPGFile:6 1.JPG
File:6 2.JPGFile:6 3.JPGFile:7 1.JPG
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File:8831.jpgFile:8 1.JPGFile:8 2.JPG
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File:Amy Morton.jpgFile:Antonio Dawson.jpgFile:April Sexton.jpg
File:Archie Kao.jpgFile:Badge-edit-3.pngFile:Badge-edit-4.png
File:Brian Tee.jpgFile:Brian Zvonecek.jpgFile:Bunny.png
File:Charlie Barnett.jpgFile:Chicago-PD-NBC-season-1-2014-poster.jpgFile:Chicago-PD-NBC.jpg
File:Chicago P.D. First LookFile:Chicago P.D. First Look-0File:Chicago PD 2x19 Promo "The Three G's" (HD)
File:Chicago PD Season 3.pngFile:Christian Stolte.pngFile:Colin Donnell.jpg
File:Communitylogo.pngFile:Connor Rhodes.jpgFile:Cpdpo.png
File:DallasRobertsInterview1-150x150.pngFile:Daniel Charles.jpgFile:David Eigenberg.jpg
File:Dawson-promo.jpgFile:Detective Erin.pngFile:Dora Madison.jpg
File:Eamonn walker chicago fire.jpgFile:Elias Koteas.jpgFile:Esempio.jpg
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File:Jesse Lee Soffer.jpgFile:Jessespencer.jpgFile:Jimmy borelli.jpg
File:Joe Cruz.jpgFile:Joe Minoso.jpgFile:Joecruz.jpg
File:Jules-working.pngFile:Julie Willhite.pngFile:Kara Killmer.jpg
File:LaRoyce Hawkins.jpgFile:LaRoyce Hawkins 2.jpgFile:Lauren German.jpg
File:Leslie Elizabeth Shay.jpgFile:Lindsay-mugshot.pngFile:MV5BMjBlMTdmNWYtMmEzMi00ZTg1LThkYTYtNzFlOWFjODlhYjhjL2ltYWdlL2ltYWdlXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjc4ODAzODc@. V1 .jpg
File:Marina Squerciati.jpgFile:Mariska Hargitay.pngFile:Markie Post.jpg
File:Marlyne Barrett.jpgFile:Monica Raymond.pngFile:Mouse.jpg
File:Mouse 2.jpgFile:NBC-Chicago PD Bio NEW1 1230x1230 CC.jpgFile:NBC-Chicago PD Bio NEW3 1230x1230 CC.jpg
File:Natalie manning.pngFile:Nick Gehlfuss.jpgFile:Oliver Platt.jpg
File:Patrick John Flueger Premiere Paramount Pictures Cuvd-2pPgj5l.jpgFile:Peter Mills.jpgFile:Przykład.jpg
File:Rachel-dipillo.jpgFile:Randy McHolland.jpgFile:Randy flagler.jpg
File:Samuel hunt.pngFile:Sarah Reese.pngFile:Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 4.37.49 PM.png
File:Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 10.00.39 PM.pngFile:Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 7.41.53 pm.pngFile:Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 9.21.37 pm.png
File:Stella Maeve.jpgFile:Steven R McQueen.jpgFile:Sylvie Brett.jpg
File:Taylor Kinney.jpgFile:Torrey DeVitto .jpgFile:Tracy Spiridakos.jpg
File:Trudy Platt.jpgFile:Tumblr static sidebar.pngFile:Untitled.png
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