"Stepping Stones"8:30 PMA Beautiful Friendship
A Dark DayA Material WitnessAbby McSweeney
Adam RuzekAntonio DawsonAt Least It's Justice
BunnyCall it MacaroniCamille Voight
CastCharactersChicago P.D.
Chicago PDChicago PD WikiChicago Police Department
Chicken, Dynamite, ChainsawChin CheckConventions
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Detective Jay HalsteadDiego DawsonDifferent Mistakes
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Get My CigarettesGreg GerwitzHank Voight
Jason BegheJesse Lee SofferJesse Spencer
Jon SedaJulie WillhiteJustin Voight
KILODKelly SeverideKevin Atwater
Kim BurgessKyle RuzekLaRoyce Hawkins
Last Minute ResistanceLaura DawsonLife is Fluid
Little Bit of LightMatthew CaseyMelissa Sagemiller
Michelle SovanaMonica RaymundMy Way
Nadia DecotisNow Is Always TemporaryPatrick Flueger
Sean RomanSeason 1Sheldon Jin
Sophia BushStepping StoneSylvie Brett
Teddy CourtneyThe DocksThe Price We Pay
The Weigh StationThirty BalloonsTrudy Platt
Turn the Light OffWhat Do You DoWhat Puts you on That Ledge
Wrong Side of the Bars
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File:2.jpgFile:2013 1205 ChicagoPD Bio ArchieKao 500x500 AC.jpgFile:2013 1205 ChicagoPD Bio EliasKoteas 500x500 AC.jpg
File:2013 1205 ChicagoPD Bio JasonBeghe 500x500 AC.jpgFile:2013 1205 ChicagoPD Bio JesseLee 500x500 AC.jpgFile:2013 1205 ChicagoPD Bio LaRoyceHawkins 500x500 AC.jpg
File:2013 1205 ChicagoPD Bio MarinaSquerciati 500x500 AC.jpgFile:2013 1205 ChicagoPD Bio PatrickFlueger 500x500 AC.jpgFile:2013 1205 ChicagoPD Bio SophiaBush 500x500 AC.jpg
File:2015 Chicago Fire S4 Bio KaraKillmer 1230x1230 CC.jpgFile:2 1.JPGFile:2 2.JPG
File:2 3.JPGFile:2 4.JPGFile:3 1.JPG
File:3 2.JPGFile:3 3.JPGFile:3 4.JPG
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File:Chicago P.D. First LookFile:Chicago P.D. First Look-0File:Chicago PD 2x19 Promo "The Three G's" (HD)
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File:NBC-Chicago PD Bio NEW1 1230x1230 CC.jpgFile:NBC-Chicago PD Bio NEW3 1230x1230 CC.jpgFile:Patrick John Flueger Premiere Paramount Pictures Cuvd-2pPgj5l.jpg
File:Przykład.jpgFile:Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 4.37.49 PM.pngFile:Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 10.00.39 PM.png
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