Leonardo Lyons is the cousin of Erin Lindsay and is a ex-military service member.

Leonardo Lyons
Full Name Leonardo Joseph Lyons
Alias Leo (by Jay and Alyson)
Status Alive
Affiliation Chicago Police Department
Occupation Detective of Chicago P.D., Intelligence Unit
Ex-army ranger
Rank Detective
Relationships Erin Lindsay (cousin, best friend)
Veronica Lyons (mother, deceased)
Jack Lyons (father, deceased)
Alyson Lyons (wife)
Portrayed by JL the superhuman


Leonardo grew up in Chicago in a neighborhood with gangs and murders. He was bullied in school, but he later decided he had enough and beat his bullies violently with a steel chair causing him to be suspended and he later cleaned up his attitude, but everyone became afraid of him. Later on during his 12th birthday his father was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer who later dies after arriving to the hospital and he took it really hard. Later Leonardo is forced to live with his aunt in California until he graduated high school. After graduating high school Leonardo joined the military where he met his wife Alyson who was in his unit acting as his right hand in case he got killed. Once he left the military he joined the Intelligence Unit of the Chicago Police Department. His worked on a case where his wife was held hostage at the bank she works at so he had Lindsay and the Intelligence Unit help him.


  • Leonardo owns an M60E3 and uses it on the job.
  • He prefers a Desert Eagle to a Glock and it is his sidearm in the Intellingence Unit.
  • His weapons are a Desert Eagle and a M60E3.
  • He and Alyson have a private stash weapons that the military gave them.

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